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Hundreds attend ‘fantastic’ Insurance News conference 

More than 250 people attended the inaugural Insurance News conference, held last week at Sydney’s Jones Bay Wharf. 

Expert speakers included Finity Principal Susie Amos, Lloyd’s incoming Regional Director for Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa Chris Mackinnon, KPMG Partner Scott Guse, Steadfast COO Nigel Fitzgerald and Envest CEO Greg Mullins. 

Panel discussions focused on key issues including challenges and opportunities, technology, and where the industry is heading. 

Insurance News Chairman and Publisher Terry McMullan says initial feedback on the event has been “very positive”. 

“I’m thrilled with the early survey results, which vindicate our decision to organise a conference that was heavy on facts and serious discussion and completely lacking in hyperbole,” he said. 

“I think our audience’s intensity and interest could be measured by the fact that everyone stayed to the very end – there were no late-afternoon gaps in the ranks. That told me we’d succeeded.” 

Mr McMullan says the event aimed to present “a thorough expert examination of the state of our industry and its immediate future”.  

“Going by the very positive survey responses we’ve received so far, we hit the target,” he said. 

“Our speakers, from Finity’s Susie Amos to Envest’s Greg Mullins, were fantastic, and our expert panels also received high gradings for being relevant and practical. 

“The conference was the perfect foundation for the half-day issues seminars that we’ll be running throughout the year.  

“The conference detailed the industry’s strengths, challenges and opportunities, while the seminars will concentrate on single important issues that need to be understood before they can be resolved.”  

This year’s event was made possible by gold partners Axa XL and Liberty Specialty Markets, and sponsors AAMC and Our Ark. 

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