INsight, an Insurance News podcast

With the magazine, weekly bulletin, daily and breaking news, Insurance News has long been focused on reporting what’s happening within the insurance industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Our podcast service allows us to give a bit more information and commentary on the issues that are shaping the industry in a short, sharp weekly digest. In some cases we’ll also go into background on why we believe an issue is newsworthy and what else makes the story. We are also looking into in-depth feature podcasts around the bigger and more complicated issues.


Latest episode:

25.03.2021 Episode 20: We Told You: Northern Australia Reinsurance Pool

Past episodes:

25.03.2021 Episode 19: A government position on commissions?

25.03.2021 Episode 18: All happening in brokerland

25.03.2021 Episode 17: Launching the Insurtech digital section

25.03.2021 Episode 16: Avast ye, marine insurance experts

25.03.2021 Episode 15: The focus on floods edition

17.03.2021 INsight Feature – Commissions

In this episode we tackle the complex subject of broker commissions, which are about to come under the spotlight as part of a Kenneth Hayne-inspired review.

Ramping up the pressure at the end of last year were key reports from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and small business ombudsman, both recommending the banning of so-called ‘conflicted remuneration'.

17.03.2021 Episode 14: The Reinsurance insanity edition

10.03.2021 Episode 13: The Diversity edition

03.03.2021 Episode 12: The Godfather Trilogy edition

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12.02.2021 Episode 9: The review of 2021 before it began

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