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Linking to the site

We welcome links from our readers and the broader online community. All links including RSS feeds from the site to your site are subject to the terms and conditions outlined below and those specified in our “Conditions of Use”.

If you would like permission to establish a link, please email your request to

Link only headlines

If you find a story particularly interesting, you may wish to publish a link to the individual story on your own website. Please use only the story headline and link to the story as it appears on our website. We do not permit the republishing of stories (in whole or part), without express written permission and proper attribution.

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Positioning of the logo and link

Subject to our approval, you may place the link and the logo on your site as long as it complies with the following rules:

  • The link and logo must not appear in close proximity to any other trademark, graphic or text.
  • The link and logo must not be positioned in any way that may mistakenly imply that or Insurance News Pty Ltd endorses, sponsors or is in any way related to you, your site or any products related to your site.
  • Your site must not contain any material that disparages or its services.
  • Your link must be made in good faith and must not be established in a way that blocks or prevents the display of any part of the website.

Your site must not contain any of the following:

  • Illegal, sexually explicit, pornographic, offensive or distasteful material;
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  • Material that promotes harassment, hatred or discrimination based on age, race, religion, gender, sexual preference or any other factor;
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Insurance News Pty Ltd is the owner of including logos and copyright material. Linking to the site does not give you any right, title or interest in trademarks or site.

Use of logos and authorised text

If you would like to use our logo for a link, please email your request for permission to In most cases we will be glad to agree to your request to link to the site. Upon agreement Insurance News Pty Ltd grants to you a limited, revocable, non-transferable licence to use the logo on your website for the purpose of indicating a hyperlink to our site.

You must use only the logos made available for your link to the pages. You may not use or copy the logos (in whole or in part) for any other purpose and, in particular, you must not use the logos on a feature or design of, or incorporate it in whole or in part, in any other logo or graphic.

The logos must be used only in the form provided by Insurance News Pty Ltd, which may be subject to future variation. In particular, you must use the logos only in the size, shape and colours in which they are provided. You must not alter, amend, redraw, distort, animate or tamper with any logo in any way. This includes any white space surrounding the logo.

If you link to pages using hypertext link(s), you must only use the text as it appears below for your link. You may not add or modify the text in any way and must use the whole text in your hypertext link.

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Other trademarks, logos, text and artwork

You must not use any other trademark, text or artwork as, or as part of, your link to the site.

Termination of agreement/removal of link and logo

Insurance News Pty Ltd reserves the right, solely at its discretion, to require removal of your link and the logo at any time. Failure to comply with a request or notice may result in termination of your permission to use the logo and/or link and may result in legal proceedings being commenced against you.