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Looking beyond: UIG targets next stage of growth

06 November 2023

“It's as much about making sure that we're the right fit for their business, rather than just them being a good fit for us. So it's taken us 15 years to be an overnight success.”...

How QBE Ventures is embracing the InsurTech evolution

01 November 2023

InsurTech’s been around for a while – but what are some of the latest technologies that are changing the way the insurance industry works?

- InsurTech is key to the long-term development and growth of the insurance industry.
- QBE Ventures is QBE’s investment and development arm, which focuses on InsurTech.
- We currently have 12 active investments that align with our purpose of creating a more resilient future.

New insurance player open for opportunities

18 May 2023

Sovereign Insurance Australia aims to shake up the Australian market as it broadens its appetite in an effort to solve a range of insurance challenges through innovation.