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INMAG Jun-Jul 2019

In this issue we take a long look at authorised representatives, finding the surge in AR numbers is being driven by a search for business independence, the promise of less paperwork and the chance of a better lifestyle.

Insurance News has interviewed ARs around the country and talked to their licensees to find out how the intermediary sector is changing the industry’s profile on the main street.

Our June/July edition also examines some of the complex risks stemming from the Hayne royal commission, and explains how brokers are taking a head-on approach over moves to ban commissions.

What’s insurable and what’s affordable? How can insurers do more to understand customers’ catastrophe risks? And what’s the true economic value of insurance? You’ll find all the answers in the latest edition of Insurance News, along with our acclaimed interviews with the industry’s movers and shakers.

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April-May2019 INMAG thumbnail

APR/MAY 2019 - Insurance News (the magazine)

How will insurance brokers deal with the fallout from the Hayne royal commission? The latest edition of Insurance News, the industry’s most popular magazine, looks at the quandary for brokers struggling with the consequences of an inquiry they weren’t even invited to participate in.

From the Vero SME index to broking and industry leaders, as well as an ethicist, you’ll find some real answers in Insurance News.

We’ve also asked the federal Assistant Treasurer and his Opposition counterpart to give us their views on a number of industry issues, you can also catch up with some of the latest trends in insurtech, see how the industry is progressing in terms of performance and profit, and contemplate the ironies of a flood insurance definition that still apparently causes confusion.

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Feb Mar 19 Mag Cover

FEB/MAR 2019 - Insurance News (the magazine)

Yet another government agency’s report on insurance in northern Australia comes under the Insurance News microscope, with the devastating Townsville floods demonstrating one inescapable truth – the north of Australia is far more prone to natural catastrophes than the southern regions, and that’s why property insurance costs more.

Insurance News also looks at the fallout from the Hayne royal commission, with particular emphasis on its recommendations regarding brokers’ commissions.

We’ve also examined the industry’s financial performance as premiums start to rise after a prolonged flat period, how amusement park operators are battling a tough combination of soaring premiums and low capacity, why hail is Australia’s most expensive natural hazard, and also why customers stick with their insurers. 

You’ll find interviews with the new chief executives of Zurich and Sedgwick, a house designed to withstand bushfires, and analysis of the emerging risks and opportunities of virtual reality.

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INMAG Dec 18

DEC/JAN 2018/19 - Insurance News (the magazine)

Allan Fels, the monitor of NSW’s non-existent emergency services levy change and primary foe of the insurance industry, is stirring up insurers again. Believing in the principle of knowing your enemy, Insurance News magazine interviewed the industry’s most strident critic for its December edition. He might just surprise you.

The edition also features our annual favourites – the 20 most influential people and organisations in the insurance industry, and our picks for the best insurance TV ads of the past year.

Insurance News has also interviewed QBE’s Vivek Bhatia about his drive for “everyday brilliance”, we’ve asked industry leaders about the five issues that keep them awake at night and we report on growing support for tackling global warming.

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INMAG Oct 18

OCT/NOV 2018 - Insurance News (the magazine)

We speak to Swiss Re’s global chief economist, examine how insurers’ caution is making life tough for former lawbreakers trying to get into business, look at how climate change is making windstorms stronger, and talk to AIG about its embrace of blockchain technology.

A new survey has found the insurance industry can do a lot more when it comes to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The hardening market has come at a good time for the three leading insurers. This edition sees them emerging from hard times energised and ready to take on new challenges, and we’ve tracked the industry-wide effects as rate rises kick in.

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INMAG Aug 18

AUG/SEP 2018 - Insurance News (the magazine)

Meet new insurers and new CEOs and check the pulse of a very busy insurance industry in Insurance News (the magazine).

Can we afford class actions? We’ve investigated moves to get things back in balance. And we show how insurers are reshaping their investment portfolios in the face of environmental and social challenges.

The big issue right now is diversity and inclusion, and we feature the views of industry leaders that range from “we’re making progress” to “it’s time to bring in quotas to speed up change”.

AIG is a global giant, but it’s a lot leaner and nimble than it once was. Leading the drive to transform the American group’s 75 international operations is former Australian CEO Chris Townsend. If you want to know what’s going on in the wider insurance world, don’t miss our interview in Insurance News (the magazine) this month.

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INMAG June 18

JUN/JUL 2018 - Insurance News (the magazine)

We visit a leading insurer that has four women on its nine-person board and the most flexible and inclusive personnel policies you’ll find anywhere. You can also meet a marketing heavyweight who’s a key part of IAG’s drive to change the way people interact with their insurer.

We’ve also interviewed a broking leader with a bold vision for the industry and intermediaries. Will the term “broker” survive? Will insurance become just one of a range of ways to control risk? He sees the industry completely changed by the early 2020s.

James Shipton, the new Chairman of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, says financial services – which includes general insurance – has lost its way by focusing solely on profit and must now learn to “do the right thing”.

The June edition of Insurance News (the magazine) looks at Mr Shipton’s crusade and the add-on impact of the royal commission investigating misbehaviour, to find out what it may all mean for insurance.

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INMAG April 18

APR/MAY 2018 - Insurance News (the magazine)

Meet leaders and thinkers from across the industry, check out the social scene and gather so much more from Insurance News (the magazine) – the industry’s largest and most popular news publication.

You can also read about how the major local insurers are looking again at their growth strategies, how Lloyd’s is dragging its brokers and underwriters into the present and why SME buying habits are becoming more complex.

We also feature Financial Services Minister Kelly O’Dwyer’s views on everything from insurance in northern Australia to the industry’s place in the economy.

And we look at the changing legal landscape in insurance, and how law firms are adapting to new challenges.

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INMAG Feb 18

FEB/MAR 2018 - Insurance News (the magazine)

We interview the new CEO of Allianz Australia, Richard Feledy, who wants to listen to staff before he starts strategising. There are plenty of views on emerging risks, commentary on the upcoming royal commission and NIBA’s concerns about the need to focus on standards of conduct.

We examine the future of autonomous cargo ships that will be plying the oceans in the future, show how collaboration has become important in the “digital insurgency”, ask some hard questions about insurtech, and highlight how black lung disease has returned to the coal mining industry.

We look at the immediate future for insurers as premium rates continue moving up and why the insurance industry took it on the chin and when consumers and ASIC attacked add-on automotive insurance.

The Federal Government’s response to a Senate inquiry into the insurance industry has shone a spotlight on the need for new approaches to make it easier for consumers to compare policies. But making it happen isn’t necessarily as easy as it might seem. 

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