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AICLA announces ‘changing of the guard’ 

The Australasian Institute of Chartered Loss Adjusters (AICLA) has announced a “changing of the guard,” with the election of Nicholas Ackers as President and Colin McEnery as Deputy President. 

It also endorsed the appointment of Adrian Libke, the son of Tony Libke, as CEO and Secretary at its annual meeting in Brisbane on Thursday. 

Godfreys Chartered Loss Adjusters Film and Media Loss Adjuster Greig Halpin was elected Executive Member, while Glyn Lloyd, the first President to serve a third term, takes the role of Education Director. 

Launceston-based Mr Ackers has been a long serving director of AICLA. He thanked Tony Libke – CEO since the formation of AICLA in 1997 – as well as Mr Lloyd and outgoing Education Director Michael Davies who remains a member of the Education Committee. 

Their contribution had been enormous and their legacy was a “strong, stable and respected” body, he said. 

New CEO Mr Libke is a Certified Practising Accountant and has been involved with AICLA for many years, mentored by his father who will continue to assist the organisation and run the Sydney and Asian conventions.  

The new President and CEO say they are looking forward to developing new initiatives.