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FloodMapp supports emergency crews during floods

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Brisbane-based startup FloodMapp has been supporting emergency services and insurers during this month’s flooding catastrophe in Queensland, co-founder and CEO Juliette Murphy tells

FloodMapp provides real time, property-specific flood forecasts, inundation maps and analytics to improve all phases of emergency management.

“We have been supporting Queensland Fire and Emergency Services all around the state,” Ms Murphy said, saying responses had been widespread across Gympie, Maryborough, the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

“The team at FloodMapp has been providing much intelligence around current conditions.”

Floodmapp – which is based in Brisbane and has clients spread across Australia and the US – says it provides the most accurate real time flood map forecasts in the world and can predict flooding at a granular, street level in real time, providing the technology in real flood events.

Customers use FloodMapp to protect critical infrastructure, with product ForeCast successfully used by emergency managers to plan evacuations, and NowCast used to help drivers navigate flooded roads in real time.

The team posted many updates on social media during the catastrophe, which the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) says has so far produced 86,703 claims, indicating a current estimated cost of claims of $1.3 billion.

Ms Murphy says the real-time, high-tech mapping can inform decisions ranging from knowing which properties for emergency crews to door-knock, knowing which insureds are impacted, and knowing when waters have receded to commence clean-up and assessment.