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FloodMapp technology aided NSW flood efforts 

FloodMapp says it delivered real-time flood intelligence to state government agency Transport for NSW during a number of major floods, including those in Windsor and Forbes. 

The agency’s dashboard incorporates FloodMapp's NowCast and PostCast flood intelligence data products, and major road, railway and bridge critical asset data.  

This situational awareness allowed it to collaborate with all stakeholders with a common operating picture, boosting the timeliness and effectiveness of decision making, for example when determining road closures and impacts on schools.  

FloodMapp CEO and Co-Founder Juliette Murphy says tangible benefits were experienced. 

“With this platform, Transport for New South Wales was able to support the state and achieving some incredible outcomes, such as targeted SMS alerts to staff during events based on their residential address and to improve staff safety preparedness while at home,” she said. 

"They were able to achieve logistics planning to support public safety, knowing how many people were impacted in Windsor to inform planning for how many buses to send for evacuation and different routing.” 

The common operating picture gave clarity on whether schools should be operational, she said.  

"New South Wales is a global leader in our experience in what they've been able to achieve here. What they've built is an extremely innovative and highly impressive the forefront of not only adopting this technology, but successfully implementing it into a live analytics platform and common operating platform to operationalise this and support informed decision making and enhancing the emergency response.” 

FloodMapp and Transport for NSW were jointly named as finalists for the 2023 Project of the Year award by IAG and Floodplain Management Australia (FMA). The pair’s Emergency and Crisis Co-ordination Hub was recognised by the judges.