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NRMA Insurance unveils carbon offset program

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NRMA Insurance announced today the launch of its Carbon Offset Program, an initiative aimed at mitigating the impact of emissions from vehicles.

The IAG-owned insurer says the program is currently available only to passenger vehicle customers, who will receive an estimate on the amount of carbon produced by their car and the cost to offset it each year based on their car make, model and mileage driven annually.

The program’s website will crunch the numbers and payments collected will go specifically to projects that involve bush regeneration in Australia, investing in renewable energy and rainforest protection.

Carbon offsetting involves projects that help to draw carbon or greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere, such as through land restoration or planting trees.

A medium sized car that clocks 10,000km each year would produce about 1.87 tonnes of carbon over that time, which is equivalent to the amount of carbon that is absorbed by 84 trees in a year. The cost for a customer to offset this would be $41.05 each year.

“We are proud to launch this program to help our customers reduce their own carbon footprint – with all funds going to important projects that will help to capture carbon in the atmosphere,” NRMA Insurance Group Executive Julie Batch said.

“It forms part of our commitment as a business to work towards net zero emissions by 2050.”

Click here for the program website.