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Cyber attack had ‘minimal impact’ on Xchanging clients

The recent ransomware attack on Xchanging had “minimal impact” on its customers, parent company DXC Technology said in an update.

A probe of the incident, which DXC disclosed on July 5, found no evidence that data belonging to the businesses and customers have been compromised or stolen.

Xchanging is the insurance procurement arm of DXC that operates on a standalone basis. It is one of the workers’ compensation agents for WorkSafe Victoria, which was not affected by the cyber attack.

DXC says the forensic review and investigation involved law enforcement and cyber defense authorities plus independent cyber security firms.

“[Our] teams worked with affected Xchanging customers to restore access to their operating environments as quickly as possible,” DXC Technology said. “There were no indications of previous infection, spread beyond initially impacted Xchanging systems, or continued infection by the threat actors.

“DXC has confirmed containment of the incident in the immediate days following identification with minimal impact on Xchanging customers.”

The business declined to say if the impacted customers were in Australia when asked by It also did not want to say it if had lodged a cyber claim.