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Coversure offers increased PL capacity for amusement, leisure industry

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Specialist underwriting agency Coversure says it can now write up to $20 million for each public liability (PL) insurance policy issued to clients in the amusement, leisure and entertainment industry.

Previously the agency only underwrote a maximum $10 million when it resumed offering PL insurance in August, after securing a “line slip” facility with a new capacity provider in the UK.

“I am delighted to announce that Coversure has received confirmation… that we will be able to offer a $20 million capacity line slip in the near future,” GM Adrian Gamble told

“We anticipate being able to quote terms within a week with policies incepting at a date before the Christmas break.

“Coversure continues to review submissions for insurance that demonstrate documented, active and contemporary risk management, risk mitigation and risk training.”

He says the agency has five “select” broking partners including HIB Insurance Brokers who act as its distribution intermediaries.

“However, for those brokers in the leisure and entertainment space that are able to genuinely present a submission with the required risk management we will look at those too,” Mr Gamble said.

Many amusement, leisure and entertainment operators are struggling to afford PL insurance, which is typically mandatory as part of their operating licence requirements.

Rates have shot up sharply as insurers’ risk appetite weakened, leading to reduced underwriting capacity available and more stringent requirements for insureds.

Mr Gamble says the market will probably remain difficult although there is scope for “premium moderation” if a client is able to show its business has an “active” risk mitigation program in place.

“And by that I don't mean people just having a collection of documents,” he told “It’s about actually doing something. We continue to try and support the industry.”