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CBN’s iNeedCover website goes live 

Community Broker Network (CBN) has launched iNeedCover, a new website which it says gives small businesses easy access to a snapshot of their risk exposures, as well as insurance advice, multiple quotes and coverage solutions. 

iNeedCover connects customers with CBN Authorised Representatives and is designed to simplify insurance procedures. 

CEO Richard Crawford says CBN is committed to leveraging technology to enhance the experience, and also values the “expertise and empathy that only real people can provide”. 

“iNeedCover is our vision brought to life, offering Australians the best of both worlds and CBN brokers the opportunity to connect to new clients to help grow their business.” 

Customers can access critical risk information to determine insurance needs and have initial conversations with a broker, while iNeedCover's Risk Averse Universe blog shares tips and insights about insurance and risk. 

CBN comprises more than 900 individuals across regional and metropolitan Australia, and EM Strategy & Culture Nese Akay says the network is “nurturing a culture where technology complements, rather than replaces, the invaluable power of human expertise”.  

"iNeedCover is...a product of our commitment to education, transparency, and fostering authentic connections between broker and customer.”