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SA orders cladding repairs for risky buildings

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A SA Government cladding audit of buildings has identified 28 private residential blocks in urgent need of remediation works.

Seven of the buildings are deemed “extreme risk” and require immediate action. For the 21 buildings deemed “high risk”, repair works must be carried out within 12 months.

The statewide probe was ordered following the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire and the Lacrosse building blaze in Melbourne in 2014.

But Infrastructure Minister Stephan Knoll has indicated taxpayers won’t be stepping in to fund the repairs.

“For privately owned buildings, councils are responsible for ensuring that owners of private buildings in their jurisdictions take the necessary actions to reduce the risk to an acceptable level,” he said.

“It is our expectation that building owners will notify occupants of their respective buildings and keep them informed throughout the remediation process as appropriate.”

The locations of the buildings are being withheld “for safety reasons”.

The findings from the SA Building Cladding Audit Interim Report were released last week. Click here for the report.