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NSW Government to keep cladding list secret

The NSW Government has cited security concerns, such as arson and terrorism, as the reason for its decision not to release to the public the list of 444 buildings in the state with potentially dangerous cladding.

Better Regulation Minister Kevin Anderson says the NSW Police and Fire and Rescue NSW have “strongly advised the Cladding Taskforce against publicly identifying [the] buildings” named in the register.

“It is also important to note that some buildings listed on the register may not require any remediation at all as they may not have the same type or configuration of cladding as those which will require remediation,” he said in comments provided to

“There are a number of buildings currently listed on the register awaiting an expert assessment to be undertaken. Where that assessment determines that further action is not required, they will be removed from the register.”

The move to withhold the information has sparked criticism from NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge and other opposition parliamentarians. understands an independent legal arbiter is currently assessing the Government’s argument that it is against the public interest to release the list.

In SA, the State Government has also said it will not identify buildings in need of urgent cladding remediation works.