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No profit: Vic builders may fix their cladding errors

A new Victorian Government scheme to fix buildings with flammable cladding will see the original builders of affected properties rectifying their projects for cost.

“This is a chance for the original builders to become part of the solution and keep their workers employed during these challenging times,” Planning Minister Richard Wynne said.

The $600 million plan to fix the dangerous cladding was originally designed to rectify up to 100 buildings a year, but now work will start on up to 400 buildings within two years. Builders will not profit from the work, but the material and labour costs will be met.

Mr Wynne says builders “found to have done the wrong thing” will not be able to participate in the scheme.

Participating builders must first pass rigorous checks and have no relevant disciplinary action on their records. Over time, more original builders will be invited to participate, which the Government says will save residents time and taxpayers money.

Mr Wynne says the new model will create thousands of jobs to help the economy rebuild from the coronavirus pandemic and accelerate cladding correction.

Owners who do not want to work with the original builder do not have to participate in the fast-tracked program, and will still have their buildings rectified by Cladding Safety Victoria.