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Insurer offers menopause support program 

AIA has set up a support program for women experiencing menopause symptoms that prevent them from working.

The insurer says the program will be offered to women aged 40-55 with active income protection claims, providing them with rehabilitation help.

It supports women on claims for musculoskeletal conditions, anxiety or depression who are not showing signs of recovery and who are at an age where menopause or perimenopause may be having an impact, AIA says.

Eligible claimants will be offered four sessions of health coaching by an allied health professional focusing on areas such as perimenopause and menopause, and the impact that a reduction in oestrogen has through the various stages.

“We know that women in their 40s and 50s can suffer greatly from the symptoms of perimenopause, both mentally and physically,” AIA Head of Shared Value Simonie Fox said.

“It can have such significant impact that they are unable to work and carry on with their lives. Yet there is little help available, as most GPs lack training on the issue.

“This program means we can now support women through this phase, inform, educate and empower them so they can feel healthy again and return to work sooner.”