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Queensland reacts to spike in vehicle thefts

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Motor vehicle theft numbers in Queensland were 48% higher last year than four years ago.

The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council’s latest data shows a rise in stolen motorcycles and passenger and light commercial vehicles led to a 12% jump overall in the state last year, compared with 2017.

As reported on Friday, the rise has prompted the Queensland Government to rejoin the council, seven years after the Newman government quit.

Profit-motivated theft increased 17% in Queensland, and 16% in Victoria.

Nationally, motorcycle thefts jumped 7%, causing overall thefts to rise marginally to 53,564 vehicles taken. Only 47% of stolen motorcycles were recovered.

Thieves took fewer heavy vehicles last year, with a 5% decrease in short-term and profit-motivated theft.

Holden Commodores remained the most popular light passenger vehicle for thieves, with 978 stolen last year.

Queensland cities took the top three spots for passenger and light commercial vehicle thefts last year, with Brisbane on 2137, followed by Gold Coast and Logan.

Overall, 42,683 of these vehicles were stolen last year.

WA recorded the biggest theft decline at 7%, with drops also recorded in Tasmania, the ACT and the NT.