Brought to you by: launches pre-assessment platform for advisers

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Financial software application provider has launched an online pre-assessment platform for advisers and underwriters.

PreAssess Hero allows both risk specialists and underwriters to handle multiple pre-assessment submissions simultaneously.

The platform empowers advisers and underwriters to put more policies in-force by prioritising accurate, faster and more accountable pre-assessments.

“Pre-assessments are a pivotal step for financial advisers as part of the onboarding process for those clients who are not ‘clean-skins’,” CEO Russell Cain said.

“PreAssess Hero is designed to be an industry-wide initiative that empowers financial advisers and underwriters to optimise the pre-assessment process.”

Mr Cain says the platform launched last week after a six-month trial.

“There are 10 life insurers on the platform whose products are available for pre-assessment,” he told “These include total and permanent disability, trauma, income, all kinds of life insurance products.”

The business is inviting 25 risk specialists to subscribe as early adopters of the platform.

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