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NZ advice industry celebrates high achievers 

The Financial Advice New Zealand conference last week handed out awards for outstanding achievement.

William Tieu won the financial literacy award for his use of Tik Tok and Instagram to inform people about financial options. He has 92,000 TikTok followers and hundreds of Instagram followers.

“While my primary focus is mortgages, I address broader financial challenges, especially during economic fluctuations. I believe in providing a solid foundation through first principles on social media, emphasising budgeting, deposit-saving, property leveraging, and understanding their own individual financial position,” said Mr Tieu, who previously worked as a civil engineer.

He is a financial adviser with Goldsmith Mortgages, according to his LinkedIn page.

Rival Wealth financial adviser Tim Fairbrother received the community impact award for his commitment to the Wairarapa area. He helped charities and community organisations set up low-fee investment vehicles to provide financial security when their usual fundraising events could not be held because of the covid pandemic.

Personal Investment Centre Director Stephen Redwood was presented with the Tate Scholarship in recognition of obtaining Certified Financial Planner status, an international accreditation that represents the highest level of achievement in the financial planning profession.

Financial Advice New Zealand member David Whyte received a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to the industry. He has been an advocate for the professional body for more than 35 years and holds several board positions in and outside the sector.

“There are numerous examples of commitment to the financial advice profession, and it was difficult to narrow it down to one person,” Chair Heather Roy said. “We have awarded this prestigious honour to David Whyte for the significant contributions he has made to our profession over the course of his career. David’s leadership and dedication have had an enormously positive impact on the sector.”