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Hewison drops commissions for life policies

Hewison Private Wealth says it will not use a commission-based model for policies sold in its expansion into the life insurance arena, distancing it from financial advisory scandals that have hit groups such as the major banks.

“The value over time from a monetary perspective can be significant,” Senior Risk Adviser Marcus English said.

“Removing commission out of a policy reduces a clients’ premiums by up to 30% for the life of the policy. But more importantly, commission-free advice removes bias.”

The group is offering products including life, total and permanent disability, income protection and trauma cover, with products sourced from major providers.

Commissions will be either rebated to the client or removed from the policy altogether.

“Those that take out policies under Hewison’s advice will pay an annual fee for service that includes implementation of advice, ongoing reviews with alterations when and if needs change, along with additional facilitation of claims,” MD Andrew Hewison said.