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FSC debunks COVID vaccine impact on life cover rumours

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The Financial Services Council (FSC) is reassuring Australians who choose to be vaccinated for COVID-19 that this will not invalidate their life insurance policies.

False rumours had wrongly suggested otherwise, the FSC says.

“This scare mongering is wrong,” FSC CEO Sally Loane said. “It is entirely inappropriate and it needs to stop immediately.”

The FSC says the rumours circulated on social media, incorrectly suggesting the COVID-19 vaccine was an “experimental” medical treatment and this meant having the vaccine would be classified a “self-inflicted injury” and could void life insurance policies.

“The COVID-19 vaccine is not experimental treatment. Receiving approved treatment from a qualified medical professional at an approved medical facility is not a self-inflicted injury,” Ms Loane said.

“The FSC would like to reassure Australians that when they get vaccinated their life insurance will be there for them, completely unaffected.”