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Australian exec takes global role at Pacific Life Re 

Pacific Life Re has appointed Andrew Gill, previously EVP for Asia and Australia, to run its global protection business after changing its organisational structure. 

In the shake-up announced last month, the group moved from a geographical-based to a product-based management structure, with two global lines of business: protection, and savings and retirement. 

Phill Beach, who led the growth of the global funded solutions division, will manage the savings and retirement business, which includes existing longevity and global funded solutions. 

“This is a significant and exciting change for the business,” CEO David Howell said. 

“The new structure will allow the company to better leverage its global expertise and best practices within each line of business, respond faster and more competitively to market opportunities, and create more career development opportunities for our people.” 

Pacific Life Re provides mortality, morbidity and longevity reinsurance products, and funded and capital solutions. It works with clients in Asia, Britain and Europe, Australia and North America.