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Lockdown spurs industry to broaden drone usage

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Insurers will step up the use of drones, which proved to be a valuable tool in aiding the industry during the virus-imposed lockdown, London-based consultancy GlobalData says.

It says the pandemic has highlighted more than ever the benefits of using the unmanned aerial devices.

About 65% of insurance firms polled in GlobalData’s recent Quarterly Tech Trends survey expect drone technology to disrupt the industry and 35% say they intend to invest more in drones.

“The value proposition of drones has centered on the speed and safety they offer in loss adjustments, which ultimately resulted in operational efficiencies and cost savings,” Senior Insurance Analyst Beatriz Benito said.

“At a time when many insurers have been badly hit by the pandemic, technology that has the potential to bring operational savings is likely to lure the industry. On the other hand, customers will benefit from quicker claims processing and faster payouts.”