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HDI deploys new generative AI tool 

HDI Global is using generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) technology to interpret data and improve business processes. 

COO Thomas Kuhnt says the HDI-GPT proprietary tool is “about augmentation, not automation”. 

“We are, for the first time, looking to generative AI [artificial intelligence] for the transformation of core insurance processes and for workflow optimisation,” he said. 

“From interpreting legal contract terms and conditions through summarising extensive content, to the recording and assessing of insurance claims in real time – the opportunities to deploy HDI-GPT as a tool to assist internal users at HDI Global are many and varied.” 

The insurer has been using AI models to yield results from structured data – which has been standardised and so is searchable – for years. With HDI-GPT, staff can gain real-time insights from unstructured data in a “native format” of either text or image. 

The goal is to use the technology as a “co-pilot” to enhance and accelerate data-driven processes, according to Mr Kuhnt. 

“We are at the dawn of an exciting development that brings new advances almost daily,” he said.