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Delayed Zurich travel customers gain lounge access 

Zurich Singapore has launched a new service with insurtech Blink Parametric and travel e-commerce platform Klook offering complimentary airport lounge access globally when flights are delayed more than two hours.  

Customers can access 882 lounges available through the DragonPass network.  

Ireland-based insurtech Blink Parametric’s real-time flight delay assistance and claims solution has been integrated with the Zurich Edge platform as part of an Asia Pacific-wide digital strategy.  

The first market to go live is Singapore, where residents can register their flight details at least 24 hours before departure on Zurich’s dedicated FlyEasy platform. 

Upon confirmation of a flight delay, the customer will automatically receive a notification with a lounge access code that remains valid for six months for use at any airport lounge if there is none immediately available. 

“This seamless, technology-driven approach gives ultimate convenience to our customers,” Zurich Head of Customer and Digital APAC Roopa Malhotra said. “A flight delay solution that is instant, adaptable, and value-adding can genuinely enhance how customers experience travel insurance”. 

Blink Parametric was founded in 2016 and selected for Cohort 5 of the Lloyd’s Lab innovation accelerator program in 2020. 

“Our unique flight disruption solution is a great fit,” Blink CEO Sid Mouncey said. “This is an exciting partnership for us as we strengthen our presence in the region.”