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Axa XL offers insurtech ‘ecosystem’ deals to more clients 

Axa XL is offering its Axa Ecosystem suite of new technology solutions to clients across its Property & Casualty and Specialty insurance lines. 

The Ecosystem is made up of partnerships and services to help clients advance risk management with innovation. 

“With so many new technologies and services to choose from, we’re taking on a lot of the legwork for our clients by pre-qualifying our Preferred Partners and negotiating preferential pricing,” Axa XL Americas Head of Innovation and Axa Ecosystem Co-Founder Rose Hall said.  

"Taking preventive measures wherever possible has to be part of the risk management strategy. The Ecosystem can help.” 

The newest ecosystem preferred partners include Driver Technologies – a telematics app for fleets; Gabriel – security software that supports response to violent threats; KT Security Solutions – collapsible bullet-proof walls for protection during active shooter situations; LAIIER – self-adhesive smart water leak sensors; Modjoul – worker wearable technology to prevent ergonomic injuries; Reveal – 3D underground mapping to help prevent utility strikes; Saya Life – leak detection technology; and Voxel – AI-based video analysis to help detect workplace hazards. 

Axa XL first developed its Ecosystem for its construction clients and has since evolved with new technologies and partnerships from workplace safety to property loss prevention, from telematics to underground utility mapping to disaster response services.