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AAMI issues BBQ warning for footy final

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Suncorp insurance brand AAMI has reminded footy fans to be careful if they fire up the BBQ this weekend, with 10% of BBQ-related claims lodged in September.

The insurer says its claims data shows 30% of BBQ insurance claims come from NSW, 27% from Victoria and 16% from Queensland.

It also warns that one in three claims are for building only, suggesting many claimants may not have their contents covered.

“Footy finals is the perfect time to be firing up the barbie, but you want to keep the serious roasting for the opposing team, not your eyebrows or backyard furniture,” AAMI Home Claims spokesperson Craig White said.

“Premiership hopes aren't the only thing that can go up in smoke. From speaking with our customers, we know that all it takes is a moment for a fat fire, or a slightly leaky LPG cylinder on your BBQ to go unchecked or unnoticed, and you can have a serious situation on your hands.

“Beyond the threat of physical harm, what a lot of people don’t realise is how quickly even a small fire can cause damage. Smoke can ruin clothes and furniture, and fire spreads quickly – jumping to fences and backyards, ruining other appliances and requiring a clean-up more intensive than Carlton’s football department overhaul.”