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20 years and counting: Proclaim celebrates milestone

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Claims management company Proclaim says it is preparing for the challenge of the “information revolution” as it celebrates its 20th anniversary today.

MD Jon Broome says the last 20 years have been “an audition for the next five” as technology changes the claims landscape for good.

“This time the changes will be far more dramatic – data insights, automation and predictive modelling will create a schism in the market between those with and those without tech,” he writes in a blog post.

“As a company that still feels small and agile, even if we have 60 people now, we see the scale of that opportunity.”

Mr Broome recalls leaving his position at Chubb on a Friday in 1999, and starting his new business on the Monday with “no clients, no infrastructure”.

“Claims at the time was, in most cases, sadly neglected, so on one hand that represented an opportunity, but on the other we had the aspirational aim of lifting standards, largely by combining smart people and good internet-based systems,” he said.

“One of the benefits of coming from Chubb was an understanding of the importance of corporate culture.

“I knew pretty much from the start that the only way we could differentiate ourselves from the big companies in the space was to build a source of sustainable advantage in our culture.

“We wanted to have a distinct personality – which we could only create through having a distinct purpose and set of values – and being discriminating in the people we hired to ensure they fitted the values.”

Mr Broome says reaching a position of market leadership within the Lloyd’s market “has been a highlight”.

“Probably the biggest highlight has been the great diversity and quality of people who we have had working with us for 20 years,” he says.

“We have seen many grow into great leaders or claim technicians. And they have truly helped us try and achieve one of our core objectives, which is to be a great place to work.

“I am really proud of where we sit as a business. We look and act a lot like what I envisioned when we were dreaming of how to create a great business.”