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Advisr names award finalists 

Advisr, an independent website designed to connect brokers and clients, has announced this year’s finalists in its insurance broker awards as it prepares to crown the winners on Tuesday.   

The awards, now in their fifth year, celebrate those insurance brokers and brokerages who are showing the industry how to build trust online.   

Advisr says the 2023 finalists all make an effort to get alongside businesses via online channels by creating and sharing insightful content, building customer reviews, and maintaining a professional and active online profile.  

“What an amazing group of finalists made up of individuals, businesses and networks, striving to bring a great online customer experience to businesses across Australia,” it said. 

“The level and standard continue to rise across the industry, with impressive moves being made, fast starters trying new things and experienced veterans continuing to share their knowledge and expertise.”  

Austbrokers Assistant Account Executive Carla Broder says she is thrilled her company has been recognised as a finalist for educating and helping the business community through online activity.  

“A lot of thought goes into our posts to make sure they are carefully curated with expert advice and what we feel adds value to our audience,” she said.  

Following are the 2023 finalists:  

Top Small Brokerage:   

  •     Red Star Insurance Brokers   
  •     Arma Insurance Brokers Hunter Valley
  •     Crucial Insurance and Risk Advisors
  •     NLT Insurance Brokers
  •     SureInsure Insurance Advisors
  •     Hunter Broking Group
  •     FD Beck Insurance Brokers
  •     Clear Insurance
  •     Tudor Insurance Australia
  •     KnightsBridge Insurance Group

Top Large Brokerage  

  •     Aviso Broking  
  •     Centrewest Insurance Brokers    
  •     SUREWiSE    
  •     Austbrokers SPT    
  •     Warren Saunders Insurance Brokers    
  •     Interlink Insurance Brokers    
  •     WTW Australasia   
  •     Lockton Australia     

Top Authorised Representative Network    

  •     Ausure   
  •     Insurance Advisernet   
  •     Aviso Group   
  •     Community Broker Network   
  •     McLardy McShane Partners      

Top Thought Leader    

  •     Daniel Ufer, Priority Insurance Brokers    
  •     Tony Venning, Crucial Insurance and Risk Advisors   
  •     Adam Pile, Insurance HQ   
  •     Abbie Wilson, National Insurance Brokers   
  •     Tyrone Shandiman, Strata Insurance Solutions   
  •     Josh Ryan, Hunter Broking Group    

Top Specialist Insurance Broker or AR     

  •     Adam Pile, Insurance HQ; Truck Insurance and Gym Insurance Specialist   
  •     Tyrone Shandiman, Strata Insurance Solutions; National Strata Insurance Specialist   
  •     Laura Meyer, MeyerInsure; NDIS Specialist  
  •     Andrew Brett, Infosure Insurance; Cyber Security and Insurance Specialist   
  •     Sue Sparrow, The Sparrow Group; Beauty Insurance Specialist   
  •     Petara Tanuvasa, Silverback Insurance; Construction Insurance Specialist   
  •     Matt Almond, UpSure; Technology and Growth Stage Specialist   
  •     Abbie Wilson, National Insurance Brokers; Farm Insurance Specialist   
  •     Colette Hicks, HBT Insurance Brokers; Equestrian Specialist        

Fast Starter    

  •     Marel Pencev, Tank Insurance   
  •     Daniel Ufer, Priority Insurance Brokers    
  •     Warren Reid, Broad Risk Insurance Brokers   
  •     Andrew Brett, Infosure Insurance   
  •     Kirsty Macleod, KnightsBridge Insurance Group 

Top Insurance Broker or AR by Australian State  


  •     Michael Pham, AON Risk Solutions and MVP Risk & Insurance Solutions   
  •     Joe Daley, AJ Insurance Services   
  •     Marel Pencev, Tank Insurance   
  •     Tim Hardy, MGA Canberra    
  •     Schalk Van Der Merwe, Omnisure        


  •     Daniel Ufer, Priority Insurance Brokers    
  •     Tony Venning, Crucial Insurance and Risk Advisors    
  •     Lisa Carter, Clear Insurance
  •     Josh Ryan, Hunter Broking Group    
  •     Natalee Beadman, CoverMe Insurance Solutions    
  •     Tyrone Shandiman, Strata Insurance Solutions   
  •     Adam Pile, Insurance HQ     


  •     Aimee Henderson, Grace Insurance   
  •     Jody Williams, Oracle Group   
  •     Frans du Plessis, Grace Insurance   
  •     Paul Cohalan, Connect Business Insurance    


  •     Tiffany Austin-Sanchez, SUREWiSE 
  •     Andrew Brett, Infosure Insurance   
  •     Chris Webber, Webber Insurance Services        

Victoria and Tasmania    

  •     Laura Meyer, MeyerInsure    
  •     Shane Brady, Stone Lane Broking & Risk Advisory    
  •     Abbie Wilson, National Insurance Brokers     
  •     Scott Wilford, Oracle Group   
  •     Petara Tanuvasa, Silverback Insurance   
  •     Jodi Sharman, Gallagher