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NSW introduces new laws to empower building regulator 

The NSW Government will implement new laws to boost the ability of the state's building commission to tackle poor industry practices.

The laws are set to pass this week, broadening Commissioner David Chandler’s powers, and Building Commission NSW will also receive a $24 million investment. 

The changes will allow the building commissioner to enter any free-standing home or apartment within the state to inspect, as well as compel repairs for any defects to buildings which have not yet been completely constructed. 

The State Government says legislation will also be introduced to improve enforcement against intentional phoenixing activities by allowing for penalisations, including licence cancellations, and implement new supply chain requirements to ensure all buildings products are safe to use. 

The legislation follows crackdowns against “dishonest or fraudulent elements in the building sector” in recent months by NSW Fair Trading.  

“Home buyers in NSW can be confident that we’ve got a tough cop on the beat in the building industry, ensuring that they can have confidence in the quality of the home they’re buying,” NSW Premier Chris Minns said. 

“We’re making the right investments and delivering the right powers to rebuild trust and integrity in this sector to help tackle the housing crisis in our state.” 

Building, and Fair Trading and Better Regulation Minister Anoulack Chanthivong says the empowered role of the building commissioner acts as a “critical step forward” against “grifters in this sector”. 

“There is no room in this state for rip-off merchants taking home buyers for a ride,” Mr Chanthivong said. 

 “We’ve already started the work required to weed-out untrustworthy players in the market, with these new powers we’ll be doing even more.