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NRMA Insurance rebuked over CTP payment delays 

The NSW regulator has censured IAG’s NRMA Insurance over delays starting weekly benefit payments on four compulsory third party claims. 

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) says NRMA Insurance accepted findings in two show cause notices sent in May and July. 

The insurer says it has taken remediation action and addressed the performance of specific individuals around compliance requirements. 

It says it has introduced a claims transformation program encompassing aspects of compulsory third party claims management, including weekly statutory benefits. 

“In this instance, SIRA considers a letter of censure to be appropriate and will continue to monitor performance,” the regulator said. “Ongoing non-compliance may result in additional actions such as civil penalties.” 

SIRA’s investigation found delays, contravening the Motor Accident Injuries Act and the Motor Accident Guidelines, on four claims between August 12, 2021, and March 19 last year. In doing so, the insurer also breached its standard licence conditions. 

The regulator released the censure letter in late December.