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Xceedance urges insurers to retain human touch

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Insurers need to find the right balance between digital engagement and a more personal, voice-to-voice customer experience when catastrophes strike, Xceedance Australia Associate VP of Client Solutions Francine Davis says.

While digitisation reduces claims-handling time and makes some transactions easier for insureds, it is not always the best answer, she says.

“When a catastrophe hits, many customers want the comfort of talking to a real person who understands and empathises with their dilemma,” Ms Davis said. “The right human touch is powerful and can help to avoid misunderstandings, escalation of disputes, even possible litigation.”

Overreliance on technology might undermine customer experience in key claims processing moments, and Xceedance says insurers need to balance efficiency-enhancing automation with differentiating personal service.

Ms Davis says it is not a choice between technology or people, but a savvy and integrated combination of the two, and Xceedance assists insurers with the additional resources they need to achieve that equilibrium.

“Generating a positive emotion will promote trust, which ultimately builds loyalty,” she says. “Humans make mistakes and tire from giving repetitive responses. That’s where technology fits – as a tool not a replacement.”

Xceedance says it can help insurers access extra support services to supplement their own resources without increasing headcount, providing knowledgeable and experienced talent without the need for extensive investment or training.

Its on-demand claims services are designed to enable insurers quickly and effectively scale their operations during catastrophic events like the recent east-coast floods, accelerating claims settlement speeds, handling assessments and resolving customer queries.

The scalable solutions encompass back-office functions too, including post-event claims audits to inform future claims strategy.