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In the latest edition of Insurance News magazine

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The October/November edition of Insurance News magazine is on its way to subscribers’ mailboxes this week, with articles that look at the myriad issues being faced by the industry this year.

The pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the Australian community, so we’ve investigated how governments, insurers and businesses around the world are working on ways to improve risk protection for the next pandemic.

With the La Nina climate feature already influencing Australia’s weather, we report on the coming summer and its associated hazards, noting that despite a lower risk of bushfires Australia is facing bigger hailstorms, bigger tropical storms, more severe tropical storms and more floods.

Insurance News has also taken a look at the financial performance of the major insurers, as well as the leading local brokers. In a nutshell, one sector is performing much better than the other.

The insurance industry is rich in data, and we already have many systems that promise to revolutionise the market. The problem now is how to use those systems and data without experiencing “data overload”.

An industry technology expert helps sort through the complications to present a concise guide to progress so far, what’s happening and what to expect from insurance IT.

This issue also has interviews and profiles of men and women who are using technology to pursue the dream of a more flexible, focused and competitive insurance industry.

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