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In Insurance News magazine this month

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Yet another government agency’s report on insurance in northern Australia comes under the Insurance News microscope, with the devastating Townsville floods demonstrating one inescapable truth – the north is far more prone to natural catastrophes than the southern regions, and that’s why property cover costs more.

Insurance News also looks at the fallout from the Hayne royal commission, with particular emphasis on its recommendations regarding brokers’ commissions.

We’ve also examined the industry’s financial performance as premiums start to rise after a prolonged flat period, how amusement park operators are battling a tough combination of soaring premiums and low capacity, why hail is Australia’s most expensive natural hazard, and why customers stick with their insurers.

You’ll find interviews with the new chief executives of Zurich and Sedgwick, a house designed to withstand bushfires, an analysis of the emerging risks and opportunities of virtual reality, and an expert’s view on how climate change is making natural hazards more common.

The online version of the magazine can be viewed here.