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In Insurance News magazine this month

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DecJan22 cover

Sorry if the cover picture for the December edition of Insurance News magazine seems a bit confronting, but it helps to illustrate the vast gulf between the Australian Government’s emissions promises and the insurance industry’s growing dislike of fossil fuels.

Our report examines the Government’s belief there’s room for fossil fuels in its plan to reach net zero emissions, and the insurance industry’s more nuanced but nevertheless increasingly rigid attitude to the issue.

You can also read an expert in-depth examination of the industry’s business performance over the past year, with the annual Optima Report stating there is “not a class of business that is not affected, nor is there any business in the world that is not affected, by what is happening”.

Our annual look at the Top 20 influences and influencers guiding the Australian insurance industry is essential reading, and the Advertising Oscars also returns to Insurance News showing why and how getting the message across is all about creativity.

Meet industry leaders like the new Australian Financial Complaints Authority Lead Ombudsman Insurance Emma Curtis, who says 70% of the 17,000 complaints received each year are all about claims. But there’s positive signs in new regulations and a more committed industry.

Learn how WTW is coming back into the market after being forcibly torn from the arms of Aon, and look back through a year of challenge and change through the thousands of articles published in the past year by

You’ll find plenty to inform, educate and even entertain in the December issue of Insurance News magazine. Printed copies have been mailed out, and it’ll soon be available online through our website.

Solid research shows that Insurance News is the industry’s favourite publication, and you can trust us to keep printing it because there is high demand. We’re also well advanced in developing a more interactive version of the magazine for online readers, and we’ll tell you more about it in the new year.