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Broker Co-op names directors

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Independent cluster group Broker Co-op has completed its registration and named its first board of directors.

As has reported, Broker Co-op was formed to give a voice to independent Australian brokers.

MD of CRE Insurance Broking David Harrison, Director of Barrack Broking Charles Gow-Gates and Executive at Broker Co-op Jess Craig were appointed to the board.

“Since the acquisition of IBNA in 2019, independent brokers have been represented by large corporate groups and publicly listed companies,” the group said.

“Broker Co-op members, however, are different and the co-op’s formation is a significant milestone to ensure that independent brokers are inspired, not acquired.”

Broker Co-op says it is owned by its members and run for the benefit of its members.

“In a market where the interests of major broking groups become increasingly conflicted with non-member shareholders, particularly as a result of their interests in brokers or related services, Broker Co-op’s mandate and its supporting value proposition is an important point of differentiation that will resonate with independent brokers”, Mr Gow-Gates said.

The first round of membership was restricted to five brokers and limited to brokers that did not already have an affiliation with a cluster group.

The group will now focus on setting up supplier agreements, building up operations and rolling out its service offering to members.

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