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Axa mental health report spotlights workplace challenges

The Axa Mind Health Report has found that three in four people are experiencing multiple mental health conditions as a result of their work environment, with many feeling disengaged. 

The fourth iteration of the report, produced in collaboration with IPSOS, focuses on understanding the working population’s mental health and wellbeing. Some 16,000 respondents from 16 countries across Europe, Asia and America were surveyed. 

Almost a quarter of workers have taken sick leave due to mental health issues, with the figure rising to 38% amongst young workers, while 62% of those aged 18-44 responded that mental health care and support provided by their employers is important in their decision to remain at their places of work. 

For countries and territories included in the study, the cost of mind health at work is estimated at $US2.7 trillion ($4.1 trillion), on average 4.4% of those region’s gross domestic product. 

Axa says mental health conditions are, in large part, preventable with accessible and comprehensive support and more than 50% of respondents say that company-driven mental health initiatives and benefits, such as firmwide mental health first aid courses, would influence their engagement at work. 

“When people’s mind health improves, they flourish, and in turn, so do our businesses and economy,” Axa CEO European Markets and Health Patrick Cohen said. 

The survey shows only 4 out of 10 people would seek professional help if work affected their mental wellbeing while almost 70% believe that they could reach out to family, friends or peers for support.