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QBE launches new customer service approach

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QBE says it is overhauling its approach to customer service and feedback in response to shifting customer expectations.

The insurer has launched the first stage of a program to revamp the way it collects, analyses and responds to customer complaints and feedback. The program will ensure that complaints are handled quickly and by the right people. QBE will also use the information to prioritise improvements and make better decisions.

QBE is also simplifying the language in policy documents and customer correspondence to make them easier to understand, as well as overhauling its claims systems to improve its capabilities.

The insurer’s Net Promoter Score - a tool which measures customer loyalty – has increased by 59 points over the last 18 months for its direct customer claims experience. Its relationship with brokers has also improved, with an improvement of 24 points.

The last few years has shown a huge shift in customer expectations, largely driven by rapidly changing technology, marketplace disruptors and shifting regulation, a QBE spokeswoman told

"There is still a great deal of work to do, but we’ve seen some significant success that tells us we’re heading in the right direction," she says.

"At QBE, we’re serious about being an outside-in led organisation and are investing in the resources to understand what it is the customer wants and expects from us," the spokeswoman said.

"Our insights so far have revealed the key requirements are around consistency, convenience, and clarity – particularly around pricing and terms and conditions."

The insurer says it is actively involving customers in the changes that it is making.

"This includes involving them when designing and testing prototype solutions, asking for their feedback and working in a collaborative way," the spokeswoman said. 

As previously reported by, QBE recently restructured to create "simpler, stronger and more customer-centred" operations. 

"We’ve placed a focus on process improvement and simplification initiatives – from triage, automation, straight-through processing, fast payments and building better, digitally enabled customer journeys," the spokeswoman said.

"We’ve made, and are continuing to make, changes so it’s simpler and easier to do business with us."