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It's good to talk: Insurance News launches podcast

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Face-to-face contact has been limited during this year’s coronavirus-inspired lockdowns and restrictions, inspiring insurance industry professionals to seek out other ways to interact.

With this in mind, Insurance News has just launched a weekly podcast.

Called INsight, each 15-minute episode is hosted by our Managing Director Andrew Silcox, and features the opinions and expert analysis of Publisher Terry McMullan, Editor John Deex, our team of journalists and the occasional guest.

We wander through the big stories of the week, giving commentary and providing crucial context along the way.

“COVID-19 has changed the way we work, with technology coming to the fore, and we’re adapting along with the rest of the industry,” Mr McMullan says.

“INsight will give our readers a window into the stories behind the stories, and a chance to get to know our team a little better.

“While we have a policy of keeping our news services free of our own opinions – relying instead on experts to provide perspectives on issues – the podcast gives us a chance to sometimes say what we might really think.”

This week’s podcast focuses on the NSW Court of Appeal ruling on the COVID-19 business interruption test case, what it means for insurers, and whether there’s any hope for getting the decision overturned.

There’s also debate over the never-ending and ever-growing NSW Emergency Services Levy, plus a good example of why you should never take the law into your own hands.

You can find a new episode of INsight published here every Wednesday.