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Club Marine makes ‘exciting’ PDS changes 

Boat insurer Club Marine has made changes to its product wordings following a review of policy guidelines and terminology.

The Allianz-owned business says the review of its product disclosure statements (PDS) considered new boating trends and technologies, among other things.

“In the 65 years that Club Marine has been providing insurance for Australian boaters, this is one of the most important and exciting revamps of our policy document, in keeping with our long-held status as an industry leader,” CEO Tim Wiles said. “The PDS is an important document, but we know it’s not always fully read … until the event of a claim.

“So, our goal was to not just provide significantly better cover but to also make it easier and more efficient to interact with our boating customers.

“It will hopefully provide even more confidence and reassurance.”

Club Marine says electric water sports equipment has risen in popularity and the PDS changes mean it can be covered for fire, theft and total loss, without the need to specify under accessories.

The insurer has also amended liability rules applying to professional skippers and crews, and transporters.

“These market-leading features and benefits will greatly streamline the process, as it’s more about what we do cover than what we don’t,” Mr Wiles said. “The new policy is up and running now and will naturally filter through our renewals process in coming months.”