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Arteva Funding 'proud' to be carbon neutral 

Arteva Funding will no longer distribute promotional items at events as it reduces its carbon footprint, and looks forward to discussing its new environmental approach with brokers. 

Arteva has reduced or offset its emissions through carbon credits and tree planting, achieving carbon neutral certification from expert Trace, and will donate some of the funds usually spent on promotional items to corporate charity partners.  

“We recognise the environmental impact the creation and distribution of the promo items has and believe the funds spent on these materials could be better utilised,” CEO Daniel Gronert said. 

The change would "send a clear message that we’re committed,” he said.  

“With growing concern among our own people and the communities we operate within around sustainability, we are continuing work this year to identify further areas where we can reduce our carbon footprint and become a more socially responsible business.” 

The independent premium finance company provides more than 120,000 clients with insurance premium funding annually.