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NRMA Insurance ad sends Christmas safety message

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A new advertisement focusing on road safety at Christmas marks a shift in direction for NRMA Insurance and other IAG brands, according to Chief Marketing Officer Brent Smart.

The two-minute ad, called Long Way, is the insurer’s first with creative agency The Monkeys.

It tells the story of a young girl named Indy who is sad when her grandparents cannot be with her for Christmas. The grandparents decide to drive through the night to be with Indy and her family.

“This is a return to the type of storytelling and tone of voice that has made the NRMA Insurance brand loved, and signals the new direction we are taking the brand in,” Mr Smart said.

NRMA Insurance’s claims data shows car collisions increase over the holiday period. It is piloting a new app called Safer Journeys, to motivate drivers to switch off their mobile phones.

Long Way went live yesterday across various channels. It can be seen here.