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Mansfield funds help orphans

An orphanage in Indonesia is benefitting from the recent Mansfield Awards for Claims excellence, with leftover funds being used to buy new equipment and facilities.

Insurance News and LMI Group, the organisers of last month’s inaugural Mansfield Awards, ran the awards on a not-for-profit basis, with time spent in the preparations also being provided without charge.

Insurance News Publisher Terry McMullan says the leftover funds amount to $8094.11.

The beneficiary is the Amal Mulia Orphanage in Bengkulu, east Sumatra, close to the site of Fort Marlborough, which played a central role in the legal case that brought the concept of utmost good faith to insurance.

The orphanage, which receives no government funding, was formed after the 2004 earthquake and tsunami to care for disabled children who had lost their parents. More recently it has begun taking in disabled children whose families cannot care for them.

LMI Group MD Allan Manning says the money has so far allowed the orphanage to buy a new refrigerator and stove, and new beds and mattresses have been ordered. A new well may be dug, and more new equipment and facilities will be added over the next year.

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