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In Insurance News (the magazine)

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When your products are so similar to your competitors’, how do you “sell” insurance in a TV ad? The December/January edition of Insurance News (the magazine) assesses the best insurance ads of 2017 and finds a winner.

The Australian insurance industry’s most-read print publication also features our Top 20 list of the most influential people, and introduces a son who is taking over a booming global business from his dad.

Insurance News is all about interviewing people who are dealing with emerging concepts, and this month we’ve spoken in depth to Suncorp’s new CEO Insurance, an actuary who says Big Data is no big deal, QBE’s first Chief Customer Officer and the man bringing together the insurtech sector.

We also investigate the practice of Facebook “catfishing” to build evidence against claimants and explain why one leading Australian insurer is “different” from the rest.

Insurance News (the magazine) should hit subscribers’ post boxes in the next week. It’s free, and its articles are not available online.