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In Insurance News (the magazine) this month

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James Shipton, the new Chairman of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, says financial services – which includes general insurance – has lost its way by focusing solely on profit and must now learn to “do the right thing”.

The June edition of Insurance News (the magazine) looks at Mr Shipton’s crusade and the add-on impact of the royal commission investigating misbehaviour, to find out what it may all mean for insurance.

We’ve also interviewed a broking leader with a bold vision for the industry and intermediaries. Will the term “broker” survive? Will insurance become just one of a range of ways to control risk? He sees the industry completely changed by the early 2020s.

We visit a leading insurer that has four women on its nine-person board and the most flexible and inclusive personnel policies you’ll find anywhere. You can also meet a marketing heavyweight who’s a key part of IAG’s drive to change the way people interact with their insurer.

So much is changing so quickly, and you’ll find original articles in Insurance News (the magazine) that investigate the issues of the day and explain what’s happening and why.  

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