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Hayne to force change on loss adjusters: AICLA

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The new Australasian Institute of Chartered Loss Adjusters (AICLA) President predicts more loss adjusters will expand beyond traditional services in response to the Hayne royal commission.

Writing in the monthly AICLA newsletter, Jaye Kumar says higher delivery standards will be imposed on insurers, and that is likely to filter into the loss adjusting profession.

This and other operational changes in response to the royal commission will offer opportunities for loss adjusters – and may pose some challenges.

Loss adjusters may have to think outside the square to find effective ways to offer their services.

“Some of our industry colleagues are already doing this and, while it may be argued that what they are doing is no longer loss adjusting, they are providing upstream and downstream claims handling services that goes beyond traditional loss adjusting.”

Loss adjusters are engaged for more high-value or complex claims only when their professional standing stacks up, and they must be more professional and competent in their service offerings, Mr Kumar says.