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AIA backs chronic pain education program

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AIA Australia has formed a partnership with Pain Revolution, a community program that helps chronic pain sufferers.

Last year pain scientists and clinicians rode bikes from Melbourne to Adelaide in the inaugural Pain Revolution Ride, making stops to spread the word on pain science with five regional communities.

The cyclists were on the road for seven days and hosted eight educational events, and raised $80,000 for development of the Local Pain Educators network.

Each year about 5 million Australians suffer chronic pain – whereby, after damaged tissue has healed, the brain continues to register pain because it has learned to be overly protective.

This year’s Pain Revolution Ride will visit communities between Sydney and Albury, raising money to train local health professionals as “pain educators”.

AIA Australia Chief Group Insurance Officer Stephanie Phillips says the partnership is important given a significant number of the insurers’ customers suffer chronic pain.

“We see supporting Pain Revolution as a real shared-value opportunity – tackling chronic pain and finding a new, effective path to recovery not only has potential benefits for our own claimants, but for society and the millions of Australians suffering this condition,” she said.

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