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Switzerland heads global resilience chart, Australia 15th

Switzerland tops this year’s FM Global Resilience Index, a ranking of 130 countries and territories according to their “enterprise resilience to disruptive events”.

Australia ranks 15th with a score of 85.1 and New Zealand is 22nd on 80.4.

“Switzerland is among the best in the world for its infrastructure and local suppliers, its political stability, control of corruption and economic productivity,” FM Global says.

Haiti is last, reflecting its vulnerability to natural hazards and poor economic conditions.

Inherent cyber risk, urbanisation rate and supply chain visibility are new disruption drivers on the index this year. Other drivers include political risk, “oil intensity”, exposure to natural hazard and natural hazard “risk quality”.

“Inherent cyber risk can have a tremendous influence on enterprise resilience,” FM Global says.

“It combines equally a country’s vulnerability to cyber attack with the country’s ability to recover from such an attack. In general, countries ranking high in internet penetration and low in civil liberties rank lowest for cyber risk [resilience].”

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