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QBE Aviation moves into PNG

QBE Insurance has started writing aviation business in Papua New Guinea.

The Port Moresby office of the insurer will be working with Melbourne-based QBE Aviation to offer aircraft hull, non-ownership, aerial application and hangerkeepers liability. contacted QBE for a reason why it has moved into what is seen as a difficult market, but the insurer declined to comment.

According to the Flight Safety Foundation, there has been one fatal accident in PNG this year involving a public transport aircraft, in which all four occupants were killed.

Last year a small airliner crashed near Kokoda Airport killing all 13 occupants and for most of this decade there have been a number of public transport accidents each year.

The country’s safety record has improved considerably since a disastrous year in 1996 when there were six fatal accidents and 21 fatalities.

The difficult terrain and quickly changing weather patterns contribute to the country’s reputation of being a difficult country for aviation operations.

QBE has been operating in PNG as a general insurer since 1899.

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