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Huddle unveils automated claims tech

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Insurance disruptor Huddle says its “instant claims” process will help reduce fraud.

Huddle, underwritten by Hollard, offers car and travel insurance, with home insurance coming later this year.

After claims and fees have been paid, surplus profit is passed to a customer’s chosen charity or group, known as a “huddle”.

Co-founders Jason Wilby and Jonathan Buck say the company created its own claims technology incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence.

“We’re more of a technology company in some ways than an insurance company, because so much of our work is focused on continuously improving our platform,” Mr Buck said.

“Digitising everything was key to helping us tackle fraud.

“It means we can automate our fraud management processes and even use other sources of structured data to cross-check the validity of claims.

“It also means we’ve taken any human bias out of the claims process – the computer checks your claim and can approve it in less than 60 seconds.”

Huddle has been in operation for a year and has more than 10,000 members.

This month, Huddle members will donate more than 1000 meals to Meals on Wheels NSW and clean water for more than 2500 families via Oxfam Australia. Other recipients include sports clubs receiving junior kits, and rescue equipment for surf clubs.

“We want members to understand our business and make it clear we won’t profit from making it hard for them to use our services and by denying claims,” Mr Wilby said. “We take a fixed fee, pay claims fast and give surplus profits to causes our members care about.”